3d Printed Art Object ‘Hortus Filamentus’ of Martijn Hage READY

Martijn Hage 3d Printed Art Hortus Filamentus

A couple of weeks ago we already did mention our participation in a very special project; the Art Challenge of Martijn Hage.

Martijn Hage did accept the challenge and he made his 9 piece (+1) 3d Printed Art Object within a week.

  • 2x 3d Printers of Ultimaker
  • free choice of Filament of Innofil3D, Martijn did pick our EPR-PET and PLA
  • 1x 2,5d Printed object of OCE (Project EIGER)

Other sites wrote;

Understandably, this amazing work of art took some time to prepare. Upon being invited for this project, Hage spent three months preparing himself. ‘It started with the base design of the nine magical 3D micro-worlds. I developed several generative scripts to shape my fractal based worlds and they were printed in 2D on dibont aluminium material as the end result,’ he explains. That approach is typical for Hage’s method, but then 3D printing was brought in to literally add a new dimension to this project. ‘It became a real challenge to learn all the ins and outs of this technique in such a short time. To make the art project a success I had to approach several sponsors for it. First I approached the Dutch company Ultimaker to provide me with their 3D printers: I got two Ultimakers 2 on loan for two weeks,’ he says. Dutch Filament manufacturer Innofil3D also graciously provided him with a premium collection of 2.85 m PLA filament.

These parts were assembled and glued to the nine panels to create the fantastic ‘2.5D’ Hortus Filamentus work of art. The final results were presented on the evening of 7 August, upon the conclusion of the lock-in. It looks fantastic, and Hage is already looking for options to exhibit this cool piece internationally. More importantly Hage himself has become convinced of what 3D printing can do for the world of art. ‘From now on I will certainly use 3D printed objects in my artwork to come,’ he says.

3ders.orgArtist Martijn Hage creates gorgeous 9-piece 3D printed ‘Hortus Filamentus’ artwork


Dutch desktop 3D printing company Ultimaker helped Martijn realise his ideas by loaning two Ultimaker 2 machines for two weeks whilst 3D filament manufacturer Innofil3D was on hand to provide a collection of PLA and PET materials. Martijn says designing and printing around 28 3D objects proved quite a challenge in such a short space of time, therefore some of the 3D printing work was carried out with the help of 3D printing community 3D Hubs.

“My 3D models had to be prepared bullet proof, so I examined ways how to solve repairing and cutting of the objects where needed,” Martijn added. “Software programs 
like Blender, MeshLab, Meshmixer and CURA I used for design and preparation to 3D printing. Most often I combined several objects to construct a new one, a fantastic creative process to
do so this way.”

TCTMagazine.comArtist creates Hortus Filamentus artwork with 3D printed micro-worlds


Martijn mocht twee weken lang twee Ultimaker lenen en kreeg van het Emmense bedrijf Innofil3D een breed assortiment filament ter beschikking gesteld om naar hartelust met hun materiaal zijn objecten te printen. Aangezien Martijn vrij veel objecten moest printen en hij maar een week in De Torenkamer actief zou zijn, ging hij op zoek naar meer 3D-printvolume. Hij kwam hiervoor uit bij 3D Hubs (het Amsterdamse bedrijf dat wereldwijd 3D-printers van particulieren koppelt aan een 3D-printservice voor de consument). Een selectie van zijn ontwerpen is digitaal naar verschillende 3D Hubs doorgestuurd en Hage kreeg ze vervolgens fysiek terug.

3d-printmagazine.comKunstenaar maakt 3D-geprinte magische micro-wereld