Contest; New Innofil3D packaging – free EPR-PET

Innofil3d Packaging + ContestMake anything and keep improving!

We are not only improving our Premium Innofil3D Filament – but also the packaging!

Last week we did receive our new Retailboxes…!
The first boxes did already leave our factory and should be at our resellers – soon you will be seeing them in their stores.
More protection – handy to store and a little hole to see the color of the filament.

How about a little contest; New Innofil3D Packaging – free EPR-PET reel

We would like to receive a picture…., no….., lots of pictures of our new retailboxes!

First – fifth and tenth Tweet with a picture of our Retailbox – in a real 3d Printing environment – will receive a free reel of our Promotional 500gr EPR PET.
And to go crazy; if your winning Tweet is getting 20 ReTweets; we will make it 2 reels of EPR PET.

End date of our little contest; 15th of September 2015 – winners will be announced on the 16th of September.
Other little rules; you will need to follow us and you will also mention OR @innofil3d OR #innofil3d in your Tweet.
And of course; employees of Innofil3 and our resellers are not allowed to participate.

And; as we do have some other great news soon => more contests will be showing up soon.