Frequently Asked Questions


Data Sheets of our filament

You can find the PDF files at the Data Sheets page.

Furthermore we did add an overview of our Innofil3d Portfolio. In which you can check our RAL numbers and Food Grade Material!

Where to buy the Premium Innofil3D Filament?

We have several resellers all over the world. And the numbers will be growing!

Take a look at our Reseller Page!

And we also sell our Innofil3d Filament via our own WebStore.


Innoflex 40 + 45 settings

With some printers the Innoflex40 could give some problems, as this is a very flexible filament.
We do recommend a printer with a ‘pull’ system. A ‘push’ system probably will give problems with loading the filament.

The settings we are using with the Innoflex 45 and Innoflex 40;

  • the nozzle VERY close to the bed – on some printers we first do ‘normal levelling’ and then add tape
  • print temperature between 230-250 °C
  • speed between 30-40mms
  • heated bed between 0-30°C + tape
  • raise the flow to 125 –  150% (via the printer)
  • using a brim is advisable


Innoflex 60 settings

The settings we are using with the Innoflex 60;
(as this is a flexible filament – we do suggest a pull system)

  • print temperature between the 230-260°C
  • speed between 30-40mms
  • heated bed between 0-30°C + tape



InnoCircle rPET settings

Overall, temperatures of 230-240 are used for printing with this material. Recommended layer thickness is 0.1 mm.
If the printer you use has a heated bed, the recommended temperature is 80-90 °C. In order to get a good bed adhesion, we recommend the use of blue painters tape.
When you combine a heated bed with tape, the bed adhesion will be best.

In order to get the best printing result we recommend to use a printing speed of 50-60 mm/s.

InnoPET setting

To make the best prints with InnoPET, we use the following settings on an Ultimaker and Wanhao Duplicator;

  • Temperature at 210 degrees
  • Heated bed at 75 degrees
  • Speed between 30 and 70mm
  • Ready with printing? Heated bed should cool down and you just can take the print off of your bed

Really – it is this easy!



PLA Settings

Curious about our settings with the Innofil3d PLA?

We are printing with the following settings;

  1. Print temperature 210-220 degrees
  2. Heated bed at 60 degrees
  3. Speed at 30-80mm