InnoCircle Recycled PLA Filaments

InnoCircle Recycled PLA Filaments in 6 Different Colours

Innofil3D & CiorC Introduce InnoCircle Recycled PLA Filaments in 6 Different Colours

Earlier this year, Dutch companies Innofil3D and CiorC launched their brand of 100% recycled filaments, dubbed InnoCircle. Beginning with recycled ABS and PET filaments, released in February 2015, InnoCircle sought to make sustainable 3D printing materials specifically tailored for desktop FDM 3D printers. However, the most popular filament in the 3D printing community is still PLA. Now, Innocircle is proud to announce the addition of this workhorse material to their line of recycled filaments.  Moreover, Innofil3D and CiorC are releasing a broad palette of six different colours for their new InnoCircle Recycled PLA filaments.

Why Recycled Filaments?

InnoCircle-PrintJan Willem Slijkoord, owner of CiorC, believes that the world is more than ready for sustainability, a topic he explores in some depth in a recent article for 3D Printing Industry.  Slijkoord says, “We know that recycling is an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and improve our sustainability. In addition, people are widely willing to enable its implementation.”
 Not only that, but the demand for 3D printers and plastic filament in the 3D printing community is rapidly expanding. Plastics are also the largest stream of “raw” material in the 3D printing industry.

Roger Sijlbing, Sales Manager for Innofil3D, elaborates, “Innofil3D believes that the 3D printing community can contribute to make current manufacturing methods more sustainable. Our InnoCircle filaments save up to 50%in CO2 emission in comparison to silimar filaments made from oil or renewable feedstocks. So what better way to do this than with filaments for FDM printers? That’s why the company created InnoCircle.”

The Development of InnoCircle: Sustainability Meets High-Tech

With InnoCircle, Innofil3D relies on high-tech capabilities to create their product line of recycled materials. Innofil3D and CiorC carefully select their source for recycled plastic. Martin Faber, Ph.D. polymer scientist from Innofil3D, explains: “For us as a manufacturer, finding the right recycled source is key to ensure a high quality filament, which, in turn, creates a great customer experience. During the product development stage, we analyse and modify specific properties in our laboratory to create recycled filaments with the same printing qualities as a virgin product. As an example, most recycled plastic materials are black, limiting the coloration of the filament. Based on our development capabilities, however, we are now able to manufacture our InnoCircle PLA in any colour with great printing results.”

lampje grijsVoorFaviconThe biggest challenge for the partners involved is convincing Makers that superior quality recycled filaments are possible. Jan Willem Slijkoord says, “We receive more and more positive feedback from Makers who have tested InnoCircle filaments. One member of global 3D printing platform 3D Hubs, even said, ‘The only thing I’ll say is that it was super easy to print with and that I think the results look awesome :)’ And they are not the only one. This is part of our DNA: creating innovative filaments with premium quality that ensure great customer experiences for both the home and the professional Maker. This is what we have achieved with InnoCircle”.

InnoCircle availability

InnoCircle’s rPLA line of recycled PLA filaments will be available in both 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameter options in 750-gram spools beginning October 1st.  According to Roger Sijlbing the complete line of InnoCircle products will be presented at Euromold, including rPLA in six different colors. “From the first of October the products will be available from our resellers. 3D printing enthusiasts can now choose filaments that can genuinely reduce the pile of waste we as consumers create,” Sijlbing explains, “Innofil3D is beginning with the release of standard 3D printing materials via rPLA, rABS and rPET. rPLA will be available in 6 different colours, rABS in black and rPET in natural blue.  We will present and launch the InnoCircle product range at the Euromold from September 22rd to September 25th in Dusseldorf, Germany.”

About Innofil3D

Innofil3D is Europe’s largest manufacturer of premium FDM filaments. In 2012, they began the production and development of filaments for FDM 3D printers as a white label business. In 2013, they launched their own brand called Innofil3D. “Improving customer experience is part of our DNA as Innofil3D is a spinoff from the Dutch research institute Applied Polymer Innovations (API) with over 30 years of experience in developing polymers.”


For more information, please contact Roger Sijlbing, Sales Manager Innofil3D
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