Innofil3d Datasheets available!

Innofil3d Datasheets are available

Our Innofil3d Datasheets (Technical Data Sheeets) are available online!

Pls visit Innofil3d Data to read the Data Sheets. You are also able to download them via the link underneath the document.
Most of the colors we use are RAL. Within the Technical Data Sheet we did mention those RAL numbers.
But please do realize; the way you are printing the object could give ‘another’ shade. How many layers, how thick is the wall?

We also did add a copy of our Portfolio. The Portfolio contains all available Premium Innofil3d Filaments like PLA, ABS, InnoPET, InnoFlex, etc.etc.

You will also find information about the Food Grade of the raw materials we did use.
Do you need more information?
Please do not hesitate and contact us via the contact page.