Innofil3d – webstore released

Innofil3d Webshop Search Tool
Innofil3d Webshop Search Tool

Recently we did open our WebStore on the website.
This way we made all our Innofil3d Filaments available for all customers; PLA, ABS, InnoPET Color, InnoSolve, InnoFlex etc etc.

We did also include an handy tool; which is able to help you to decide about the filament you would like to purchase.

– first select a material => a box with the description of the filament will appear! Just toggle through them….

– did you select the Specialties? Again – select a material/brand and a box will give you a description of the filament

– select the right color

– select the right diameter

And you are all set!

Just take a look at our Innofil3d Webstore.