EPR InnoPET - color

Our EPR InnoPET – the video

EPR InnoPET is developed at the research facilities of Innofil3D. We created a PET which doesn’t warp at high temperatures and has a large operating window which enables it to be suitable for a large range of 3D-printers and printing speeds.


EPR PET has the characteristics to elevate 3Dprinting to the next level. It has excellent printing properties, good mechanical characteristics and it has great detail in the finishing. These properties ensure a great customer experience for all 3D-printing users.
The material is also safe to use for applications that come into contact with food. This superb filament is available in natural and nine slightly translucent colours.

Availability of EPR InnoPET;

Our EPR InnoPET is available at our Innofil3D Resellers.