Vink Plastics new distributor HollandOn the 1st of July Innofil3d signed a distribution contract with Vink Plastics in the Netherlands. With this new step Vink underlines it’s ambition to become an important player in the 3Dprinting industry.

Vink Plastics is a well know distributor of Plastics all over Europe for more than 60 years.… read more

CreditCards on Innofil3d Webshop
We made a nice update at our Innofil3d Webshop; customers are now able to pay with their Credit Card!

The Dutch customers already had the iDeal payment system.
Our International customers could use the PayPal….., but we did receive a lot of requests to also add the possibility of payment via Credit Card.… read more

3d Printing; Elephant
3d Printing; Elephant

Some good news; the Premium 3d printing filament manufacturer Innofil3d did also join Instagram.
We made a start with some real beautiful animal prints.

Background; Innofil3d is situated in Emmen – the Netherlands. Emmen is well known for his award winning Zoo.… read more

Soon our News+Blog page will be released.
Some hard work – that is for sure…..

What to expect?
– Overall 3d printing news
– Innofil3d news
– Tips and Tricks for 3d printing
– Showcases of our prints
– Showcases of your (?) prints… read more

Innofil3d Webshop Search Tool
Innofil3d Webshop Search Tool

Recently we did open our WebStore on the website.
This way we made all our Innofil3d Filaments available for all customers; PLA, ABS, InnoPET Color, InnoSolve, InnoFlex etc etc.

We did also include an handy tool; which is able to help you to decide about the filament you would like to purchase.… read more