Transformers Optimus Prime

3D Printed Transformers Optimus Prime by Juri

We saw the making of this amazing piece on the Instagram account of Juri – we contacted him to get some picture os his 3D Printed Transformers Optimus Prime.

Made on the Ultimaker 2 Extended and the Ultimaker 2Go and is 20cm tall.

His reaction (and Juri; Thanks for your kind words!);

This Transformers Optimus Prime was fully designed by myself. it was mostly inspired by the 80’s cartoon series and it’s printed with your filament.

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of your products. I’ve tried some other brands but decided to do my designs with your filaments.



3D Printed Transformers Optimus Prime - 2



Juri's 3D Hub

Juri’s 3D Hub

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