Show us the strength of Innofil3D premium filament!

Innofil3D premium filament


Did you see our latest post – “Strength of Innofil3D filament tested“?

That made us think…….. ‘How do we show the strength of a 3d printed object?’.
And we assure you => some real funny thoughts came to our mind!

And we came up with this contest;

Show us the strength of Innofil3D premium filament!

What to do?

  • show us the strength of Innofil3D premium filament
    – make a picture (an elephant sitting on your 3D Printed object?)
    – or make a video (car pulling other car with 3D printed chain?)
    – or make a cartoon (Superman in battle with Batman using 3D printed weapon – but don’t make it to violent….)
    – etc etc etc
  • make a serious statement, or a funny object – your imagination is the limit
  • of course you can use any kind of 3d printed object printed with any filament (as we do realize not everybody is using our premium filament YET (a reference to Innofil3D will surely improve your chances)
  • send your entry to – with subject ‘Strength Contest Innofil3D
    (or send us a link to your entry)
  • we will make a separate page for you entry and make a post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    you will receive those links by email

How to win?

  • you will get 2 weeks to gather as much as possiblelike sign
    – likes on your Pages
    – retweets on the Tweet
    – likes on the Facebook post
    – likes on the Instagram post
    one person is allowed to put in one vote per day, per social media channel/page
    So; if you find 4 people to vote for you – they will be able to give you 16 votes per day
  • we will gather all these likes and retweet and make a Top-3 (+ 2 extra picks chosen by the Innofil3D team)
  • out of those max.5 entries – we will pick the winner and 4 runner-ups (the one with the most votes/likes will surely be in the Top5)
  • entries will be available via OVERVIEW STRENGTH CONTEST ENTRIES


Opens at the 4th of April
Closes at the 29th of April

Each entry will have 2 weeks to gather votes/retweets!


What to win?Innofil3D premium filament - Ultimaker 2 Go

  • some real nice prices – that’s for sure!

    Ultimaker 2 Go
    Small in size, but big in 3D printing abilities and reliability, the Ultimaker 2 Go is one of the most powerful little printers around. And with a compact design, it’s great for makers on the go, or those just getting started in the 3D world.
    + 3 Innofil3D PLA + 2 Innofil3D PET

    10 reels of Innofil3D  – you may pick between PLA – PET – ABS

    3rd – 5th
    5 reels of Innofil3D – you may pick between PLA – PET – ABS


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– No sexual content is allowed
– No violent pictures/language is allowed
– No use of protected items, like music, pictures, etc etc
– No use of other filament brand names is allowed
– Entries will be handled from the 4th of April until the 29th of April
– People will be able to vote for a certain object for 2 weeks after entry (post on page)
– One vote per person per channel per day