STRENGTH CONTEST; elegant nutcracker by Robbert [CLOSED]

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Entry from; Robbert

This elegant nutcracker is specially designed for the Innofil3D strength contest! It is printed using Innofil3D’s recycled PET on the Felix 2.0 printer. I printed it at my intenrship address since I don’t have my own (yet).

The nutcracker can crack walnuts with ease and makes use of both the flexibility and the strength of this particular filament. The product is subjected to a lot of tension, pressure and flex at the same time, demonstrating the capabilities of the EPR PET R to its fullest! The design can be downloaded free of charge at Thingiverse using this link:, but you’re welcome to leave a vote in return.
But even if you don’t want or can print it, a vote is still very appreciated! 😉