STRENGTH CONTEST: Snare Drum Shell by Thomas [CLOSED]

Snare_Drum_1 Snare_Drum_2 3D_Modell_Snare_Shell_V1-1


Entry from; Thomas

Dimensions are 13 X 6.5 Inch (diameter is 13 Inch / 330 mm, height is 6.5 Inch / 165 mm). The shell thickness is only 6.7 mm. The shell consists of 8 pieces bolted together by the metal parts.
each of the 8 pieces consists of the main piece with the top bearing edge (the bearing edge is the interface between shell and drum head) and the bearing edge for the bottom of the shell. Both parts are clued.
I printed the shell with 0.6 mm nozzle size. Width of the walls is 0.6 mm with only 15% infill.

The shell has to bear the forces from the bolts (radial forces) and from the tension of the drum heads (axial forces). Not to forget the forces that come from playing the drum (axial forces).
Whilst being printed the material must be very stable in order to keep the slim shape of the shell. Printing time is about 4 hours for one piece.

The shell weights only 0.5 kg and it sounds pretty good.

The pictures show the complete drum, the inside of the shell with the bolts that connect the 8 pieces and the CAD model from one piece of the shell (main part = green, bottom bearing edge = red).
The video gives you an impression of the sound.

Hope you enjoy it.