The Innofil3D vase files available

Innofil3D vase

Wow – we did get a lot of positive feedback on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts with the 4 colored vases in them.

Seeking for a nice Valentines gift? Heat up your printer…..!
These are made with our EPR InnoPET on a Builder! Check;

Innofil3D vase

Lots of compliment and a couple of requests for the files of our Innofil3D vase….., so we decided to put them on our News/Blog site and Thingiverse.
Just a little funny detail on these vases; do you remember our Innofil3D Bulb, also available at our 3d Print Files section?
Take a careful look at the structure……! Our Sharon just ‘blow up’ the Bulb (Yes, she also designed that one) and made a perfect vase out of it.

Our Innofil3D Vase

The vases you see in this post are made on a Big Builder Dual Feed with the mixing option on! We did use our EPR InnoPET – with translucent colors.
That is why we are also putting two files available; one normal STL – which can be used on all printers AND the GCode, specially for the Big Builder Owners!
We are looking forward to see your results!


Innofil3D Vase – STL file

Innofil3D Vase – GCode file