free 3D Printing Designs

Three websites with free 3D Printing Designs

You bought a nice 3D Printer + the best Premium Filament of Innofil3D => but what to print?

In this post we will introduce some websites which are offering free 3D Printing Designs.
Design for fun or professional? The internet is offering us a lot of free nice designs!



The largest FDM printing company did start the website Thingiverse to introduce nice (mainly free) prints to their customers. BUT the nicest part is; you can also use those files on other FDM/FFF 3D Printers. You can become a member (free) and upload your own designs, but you can also search for prints you would like to try.
They made some nice segments of ‘Featured Collections’. With a lot of fun items – like the ‘Halloween Collection‘. But also fashion collection – like the ‘Footwear‘.
Or the more professional collections like some tools in the 3D Printer Accessoires.

And how about our own Innofil3D lightbulb?




A bit smaller – but you really can find some nice prints on this site. Started in 2013 by the 3D Printer builder Ultimaker (from Holland).
Again; they do provide the STL files; you can use them on other printers also.
How about some nice Wineglass Holders for dishwashers?
But also filled with collection – curated by the members of Youmagine – like Ultimaker2 Upgrades.




This site has a lot of 3D Designs which you can buy. BUT also some real nice free items! This is a site where you need to get a Login (free).
An example is the beautiful Windmill of Sergey Kolesnik (a Russian artist who loves to print with Innofil3D Filament). did also add some nice collections, like the Home Living.


A little warning with these free 3D Printing designs => take a good look at the License; are you allowed to modify the object? Commercial use allowed?

Have some great 3D Printing fun!

the Innofil3D team
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